• Ongoing courses in all 5 major styles for beginners and advanced students
  • Weapon forms (sword, saber, staff, fan)
  • Tuishou (Push-Hands) = partner exercises for advanced participants





  • For children and adults (with emphasis on forms)
  • Children have the opportunity to be selected by the Swiss National Team

Other activities are

  • Training to become a professional teacher / instructor
  • Regular workshops at weekends for beginners and advanced students, sometimes with guest teachers from China
  • Special workshops: Tai Ji combined with other disciplines like Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tuina, etc.)
  • Private lessons and group lessons for all disciplines
  • Trips to China (culture and exercising) are held every year in spring or autumn
  • Tai Ji and Wushu accessories available for children and adults (Tai Ji suits, trousers, shoes, weapons, music, books)
  • Opportunity to participate in National and International tournaments
  • Councelling service for professional Tai Ji and Wushu training in China 
  • Training with children

Training with children

In both Tai Ji and Wushu reflexes are trained, the punch improves, the speed and physical agility are encouraged. The students are taught how the power of the opponent can be diverted instead of being blocked. In this way the self-confidence of the child can be strengthened, the concentration is greatly improved, as well as better safety, physical fitness and also the ability to train the mind.

Structure of the courses

New students start with a basic course (continuous course or a weekend course) and learn the basic exercises, posture and main movements of Tai Ji. After this basic course, "the things we've learnt" can be improved and new forms can be learned. For beginners Master Rong normally teaches the Yang style Tai Ji which is the most known in Western countries. The motion sequences are soft and slow allowing during ongoing practice to put the attention to the inner processes.  


The school offers a variety of training opportunities. The students can choose freely from the given schedule and time they want to practice. On this homepage you will find the time schedule with the current courses.